Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 19: Working Girl (1988)

Left:Rachel and Lauren on The Staten Island Ferry. Right: Carrie Fisher @ her Book Signing for The Princess Diarist 

Episode 19: “Let Your River Run, Girl.”

Harrison Ford’s second film of 1988 was his first romantic comedy, Working Girl, directed by Mike Nichols and the topic of today's episode. Tease your hair and dance in your underwear as Co-hosts Rachel and Lauren cover topics such as New York (then and now), women's rights (then and now), Mike Nichols's comic pedigree and the million-and-one actors in the film before they were stars - maybe even a few you never noticed. Additionally, Lauren’s personal stories of meeting two players involved in the film, and Rachel and Lauren recap Carrie Fisher’s book signing in NYC.

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"Subway Therapy" Post-It notes from New Yorkers in Union
Square, NYC  Subway Station.


Vanity Fair

The Largest Video  Collection of Woman's Stories 

(NYC, Union Square Subway Station - down the street from the sighing)

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