Thursday, May 18, 2017

Episode 30: The Devil’s Own (1996) & Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Left: Co-Host Rachel Leishman in her Chris Pine Shirt. Right: Rachel's collection of Star Wars Funkos and figures.

Episode 30:  "Harrison, You Devil"

Rachel and Lauren have a jam-packed episode, filled with Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, and a little Indiana Jones and “Star Wars” talk. First, Rachel tells her tale of finally meeting Chris Pine and seeing him host Saturday Night Live. Topics for The Devil’s Own (1997) include the relationship between Pitt and Ford, the tension on set, and what the heck was going on in Harrison Ford’s second film about the IRA. They will end with thoughts and reactions to the Blade Runner 2049 trailer and what that means for continuing the saga of Harrison Ford’s most famous films. Plus...what happened when Harrison moved to NYC?

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by Rachel Leishman

by Rachel Leishman

Daily News

Disaster? Was There A Disaster?
New York Times On The Devil's Own 

Report on Brad Pitt's remarks to Newsweek Magazine 

VIDEO: Dancing at Hogs and Heifers

Arlington Road (1999) Trailer 
A man, a neighbor... a house. Tim Robbins & Jeff Bridges

Left: Rachel sleeps overnight for SNL standby tickets. Right; Chris Pine's wave
Is Harrison Ford's beard another failed attempt to convince a director of facial hair or is Han Solo coming back to Star Wars?

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