Thursday, July 21, 2016

Episode 10: The Frisco Kid & More American Graffiti (1979)

Left: Rachel & her Han Solo blaster replica. Right: Lauren's Gene Wilder signed books.

Episode 10: " Oy Vey"

Rachel and Lauren round out Harrison Ford’s 1970’s career with The Frisco Kid (1979), starring Gene Wilder, and a brief cameo in More American Graffiti (1979), BUT not before getting waylaid by a very passionate discussion on The Force Awakens. The ladies also swap stories about their mother’s first reactions to The Force Awakens, and Lauren unearths her October 2015 predictions about the film, found buried in her phone’s Notes. They also catch up with Harrison Ford’s charity work; and, keeping with the Frisco Kid theme, a discussion on Harrison Ford and his relationship to Judaism. It’s the Harrison Ford belated Birthday Show comin’ at ya...


Special Thanks to Ersatzash For the Hand Made Han Solo Prop. Contract for commissions 

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