Thursday, December 22, 2016

Episode 20: Indiana Jones & Last Crusade (1989)

Episode 20: “The Archaeologist Formerly Known As..."

Lauren and Rachel end the 1980s with their favorite of the Indiana Jones saga - Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (1989)! Topics include what types of animals in the film are trainable, who didn’t wear pants in one of the scenes, the original concepts for the third film in the Indiana Jones saga, and personal stories from the hosts. Lastly, Lauren uses her own experience to pose the question: “Can one really get lost in their own museum?” Mild Rogue One - NON- PLOT - spoilers - brief mentions of a character played by Warwick Davis (really not a spoiler)

Happy Holidays and New Year! We will return in January with new episodes. Check out to enter all contests and get special content discussed in this week’s episode...including “Star Wars Holiday Special Commentary” and show notes for each episode!


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