Thursday, March 8, 2018

Episode 43: Crossing Over (2009) & Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Episode 43: "The Forgotten Harrison Ford"

Lauren and guest host Crystal Beth discuss two forgotten Harrison Ford films, Crossing Over (2009) & Extraordinary Measures (2010), two films that mark a transitional time in Ford’s filmography. Topics include Harrison Ford’s public vs private persona, Brendan Fraser, 1990s nostalgia, and real-life situations vs film dramatizations of them.

Check out more on Crystal Beth and to enter the contest on our website and check out show notes (below)  for extra info.

Crossing Over 2009 Trailer
Extraordinary Measures 2010 Trailer 

And we forgot to mention cameo from Alan Ruck aka Ferris' friend Cameron!

The real family from Extraodinary Measures.

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