Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Episode 33: 75 Years Of Harrison Ford: The Mix Tape

Left: designed the Han Solo Birthday Card. Right: Harrison Ford 

Episode 33: 75 Years Of Harrison Ford: The Mix Tape

Today is Harrison Ford’s 75th Birthday! Join co-hosts Lauren and Rachel as they go through Harrison Ford’s life. Segments include: Lauren’s highlights from Harrison’s early life, two listeners call in for a Harrison Ford Game Show, and Rachel takes us through historical moments from the last 75 years. Also, join us for a fun improv segment with the multi-talented (and previous guest on the podcast) Jesi Mullins, reporting to us from Harrison Ford’s Birthday party. Pop us in your tape deck and bask in the love and trivia.

Music provided by our theme song "Harrison Ford" by Steph Dunn & madmomentsgo on youtube.
Special Thanks to Matthew Decapua for his voice over skills!
Note: Lauren knows she said Ricky Valens but meant Richie. It may sound like “Poor Man’s Kingston Trio” was the official name of his musical group - it was how they referred to themselves. Each week, answer a trivia question on our website to enter for the chance to win a big prize. & Show Notes for more in what we talk about each episode! (You can also donate)
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