Thursday, June 29, 2017

Episode 32: Six Days, Seven Nights (1998) w/ Special Guest Crystal Beth

 "Planes, Dad Jokes & Sand" (w/ Crystal Beth)

Harrison Ford & Anne Heche are stranded on a tropical island and the podcast is here to cover it, with special guest, the hysterically funny Crystal Beth (“Unlimited Lives” & “Fifth Eleminute” Podcasts). The podcast lands on 1998 and the Ivan Reitman romantic comedy, “Six Days, Seven Nights”. Topics include: which actors the panelists are not fans of, the actors each is a fan of (Hint: Harrison Ford & Allison Janney), another round of “What film did Harrison Ford turn down in 1998?” trivia game, and Crystal’s and Rachel’s dads. Join us for comic cross-talk for your listening pleasure.

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Crystal Beth and her Father... or is that Harrison Ford's smirk
Dave Trailer

Six Days, Seven Nights(Notice the classic Touchstone opening  (A Disney company for more adult films) and the last line playing into the conservatory over Anne Heche, at the time.

Bowfinger Trailer 

VIDEO: A Skit from Exit 57 (w/ Stephen Colbert & Amy Sedaris) 

Allison Janney (IMDB)VIDEO: Best of Allison Janney (West Wing)Allison Janney Improvised The Best Line In ‘10 Things I Hate About You’BuzzFeed

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