Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Episode 13: Blade Runner (1982) Special Guest J. Holtham (writer Fox's Pitch)

Special Guest: J. Hotham (Writer: Fox's Pitch)

Episode 13: "To be a replicant, or not to be a replicant"

Rachel and Lauren talk Blade Runner and Harrison Ford's short cut scene from ET! Then the ladies welcome writer and fellow podcaster J. Holtham (@Jholtham)) of DeepCutNerd (@Deepcutnerdpod) and the writer’s room of the new FOX show Pitch (premiering September 22nd) for an in-depth discussion of Blade Runner (1982) Also, discussion of Harrison Ford’s experience on set and during the casting process. Spoilers for Drive & Inception.

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(as told upon her death by Steven Spielberg)

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