Thursday, May 4, 2017

Episode 29: Sabrina (1995) & May The 4th w/ Special Guest Carly Lane

EPISODE 29: "It's The 90's, Sabrina" & "May The 4th 2017"
 With Special Guest Carly Lane (Nerdist; Teen Vogue; The Mary Sue)

Rachel and Lauren welcome journalist (Nerdist; The Mary Sue; Teen Vogue) and fellow podcasting host (Super Girl Radio) Carly Lane to talk the ‘90s rom-com “Sabrina” (1995). Topics include: how the film was updated from the 1954 original, film remakes in general, “Star Trek”, the 1990s, and which famous actors almost played Sabrina Fairchild and David Larrabee. Plus, another round of "Which film did Harrison Ford turn down this year?” Also, keep an eye out for our May the 4th bonus episode (Below) . Our show is sponsored by Hausurban. Enter our contest HERE



Carly Lane (Nerdist; The Mary Sue; Teen Vogue)and fellow podcasting host (Super Girl Radio)  stays after with co-host Lauren and Rachel to talk about her experience at “Star Wars Celebration 2016”, which included a panel with Harrison Ford and, as well as the “Drowning in Moonlight: a Memorial Gala in honor of Carrie Fisher”, “The Last Jedi” Teaser Trailer, Luke Skywalker’s character arc, General Organa’s future in the franchise, and of course....Han Solo. Happy May The 4th, guys!


By Carly Lane (Nerdist)

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