Thursday, January 26, 2017

Episode 22: Presumed Innocent (1990) & Rogue One (2017)

Episode 22: "Sex. Murder. Freedom. ‘90"

Rachel and Lauren start a new decade in Harrison Ford’s film career with Presumed Innocent (1990). Lauren geeks out on her love for all The West Wing actors in the movie, we mention a few films Harrison turned down around this time in his career, and the ladies go off on their own tangents about Bette Midler-related movies and reboots. They end the episode with their brief reactions to Rogue One, the Blade Runner 2049 trailer, and the just-announced title for Star Wars: Episode VIII. They also discuss Rachel’s new Star Wars tattoo and Carrie Fisher’s influence in the recent Women's Marches around the world. Stay for the end to hear the winner of our “Fall Listen Contest”!

*Edited by Lauren Milberger (We apology for a slight occasional echo, we didn’t have our usually recording space)

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