Thursday, July 7, 2016

Episode 9: Hanover Street (1979)

Lauren and Rachel with their Waitress: The Musical tiny pies

Episode 9: "Give Our Regards To Hanover Street

 The ladies are back! They talk about about yet another Harrison Ford WW2 film, Hanover Street (1979). But first the ladies talk about what they've been up to during their hiatus and pre-recorded episodes. Topics include Lauren's new column with, Rachel's Broadway adventures, NY Comic Con, Carrie Fisher, the beard, Doctor Who and the pressure of actors replacing an icon role or actor - i.e. Han Solo. They also chat about celebrity, audience expectations, and our favorite actor's experiences with fame. We end the show by announcing the winner of our Spring Contest, as well as the great prize(s) you could win in our Summer Contest.

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Left: Rachel's Signed Playbills. Right: Rachel throwing confetti on stage after the final performance of American Psycho 

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