Thursday, March 10, 2016

Episode 2: Getting Straight (1970) American Graffiti (1974)

Top: Del Close (Improv Guru ) cameo in American Graffiti (1970)
Bottom: Rachel Finding out she
 can ride the Millennial Falcon at Star "Wars Land"

Episode 2: "Scars And Cars"

Rachel and Lauren talk about their hatred for Harrison’s first real credit, the college comedy Getting Straight (1970), as well as Harrison's role in George Lucas's first movie, American Graffiti (1973). Rachel has a fangirl attack regarding the possibility of flying the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Land at Disney, and Lauren (while attempting to do the podcast on DayQuil) is proven wrong about Harrison's scar. Also discussed: how saying no or yes is an important choice that can make a film career and how those choices changed Harrison’s life.

Episode Correction: Lauren's professor did not write The Conversation, but rather the 1959 drama The Connection. She would like to once again blame the DayQuil for this blunder


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