Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Episode 48 - BONUS: Age Of Adaline (2015)

Ranking Adaline's Top Ten Hair Looks

Check out show notes and our episode HERE

10. Simple low ponytail — sort of her go to look, I'd imagine

​9. Work updo — what exactly is going on here??

8. Half up situation. Romantic but simple, she visited her daughter that day as well. 

7. Visiting the family ponytail that is CONVENIENTLY more '60s...

6. Looks better from the front (cover) elegant work look. 

5. New Year's Eve attempt at modernity — gorgeous but nothing special 

4. Date night Hollywood glamour waves.

3. Daario's first impression & for good reason. Braids! Curls! Rolls!  

2. A ponytail that would take 10 years off ANYONE'S life 

1. The best anachronistic fishtail of all time 

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